CHILDREN (2-17 years old)
INFANTS (under 24 months of age)
1. Para ingresar a San Andrés debes comprar la Tarjeta Ocre al registrarte en nuestro counter antes de viajar.
2. También deberás mostrarle a las autoridades de la isla la reserva o dirección donde te vas a hospedar durante tu visita a la isla.
3. Todos los clientes de VivaColombia que no sean residentes de San Andrés deben comprar tiquete Redondo, es decir ida y regreso. Los residentes de la isla si podrán comprar tiquetes sencillos. (Decreto 2762 de 1991)
Upon entering the country, the immigration authorities shall verify that the passenger has:

A passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country (Each passenger shall be liable for checking all documents required by each country, depending on his/her nationality.)

A ticket out of Panamá.

$500 USD; otherwise, a credit card from which a withdrawal can be made.

Carnet that certifies the yellow fever vaccination.

We remind you that the immigration authorities of Panama shall verify that passengers meet the above requirements and that the information provided in the reservation is true and concurs with the required documentation. In the event of any inconsistency therein, entry into the country may be denied by the authorities. A passenger shall be liable for any consequences resulting from the information provided for this purpose.


Remember that when you buy your VivaColombia ticket, the only thing included is the right to take one (1) piece as a personal item, which should not exceed 6 kg and 40x35x25 cm. 
In VivaColombia, we believe that the customer is the one who should decide what products he/she needs or wishes.  Below is a description of the offered services.
You can purchase them at the time of making a reservation through the web page up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight or directly at the airport.
We recommend that you always purchase the services in advance through the web page, taking into account that if you purchase them directly at the airport, the price will be higher.
Luggage on Board + Boarding Priority
For your convenience, we have created a service which allows you to take additional carry-on luggage in the aircraft cabin compartments.  The advantages of this luggage are that you may take it with you and that with it, you will be entitled to boarding priority with Group 1.  Please remember that dimensions for this luggage should be 55x45x25 cm and maximum weight should be 12 kg.
Checked Luggage
With this service, you may take your luggage in the aircraft hold and to this end, it must be checked at the airport counter.  Maximum weight should be 20 kg and not exceed 185 linear cm, which correspond to the sum of the length, width and height of the suitcase. 
Express Luggage 
This service has been created for those traveling with checked luggage and who do not like to stand in line to deliver it.  By this service, you may stand in a preferential line to deliver your hold luggage at the counter of VivaColombia.
Boarding Group 2 
Remember that in VivaColombia the boarding process is different and we do not assign seats.  However, we created this additional service which gives you the option of boarding the aircraft with the second boarding group.  We have 4 boarding groups:
Group 1: By purchasing the luggage on board service, you are entitled to the first boarding group.
Group 2: By purchasing this additional service, you may board the airplane with the second boarding group.
Group 3: The is the third boarding group, intended for people over 60 years of age, pregnant women, adults traveling with children under 5 years of age,  and people with reduced mobility.
Group 4: Is the last group to board and is for those people who are not within groups 1, 2 and 3.
Check-in at the airport 
This additional service should be acquired in advance and with it, you can get your boarding pass directly at the airport counter.  You should take into account that the counter of VivaColombia is available from 180 minutes up to 45 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.+for you to check-in. 
Special Baggage
Musical Instruments
As a Personal Item:
Musical instruments not exceeding 40x35x25 cm and 6 kg may be carried in the aircraft cabin as the personal item piece to which you are entitled with your reservation.  It should be placed under the seat in front of yours.
As Luggage on Board:
If your instruments meet the luggage on board measures: 55x45x25 cm and maximum 12 kg, they may be carried in the upper compartments of the aircraft cabin by purchasing the Luggage on board service.  Remember that these instruments should be carried in soft cases and that with this service you are entitled to boarding priority with group 1.
Musical Instruments that Occupy an Extra Seat:
If your instrument dimensions are 136x47x25 cm and weighs 75 kg or less, it may be carried in the cabin by purchasing an extra seat.  If you decide to purchase this service, you should take into account that the passenger is the one liable for loading and accommodating the instrument inside the aircraft and for placing it on a window seat and never by emergency exits.
Musical Instruments in the Aircraft Hold:
If the instrument you wish to transport fails to meet the above measures, no problem, you may take it in the aircraft hold by purchasing this service.  For carrying the instrument in the hold, the measures should not exceed 32 kg and 319 linear cm which correspond to the sum of the length, width and height of the luggage.
Sports Equipment
To take your sports equipment in the aircraft hold, you should acquire this service, and it may not exceed 32 kg in weight and 319 linear cm, which correspond to the sum of the length, width and height of the equipment.
The items considered as sports items by VivaColombia are: golf equipment, fishing equipment, diving equipment, not-motorized single-seat bicycles, bowling equipment, skiing equipment, archery equipment, camping equipment, hockey or lacrosse equipment, kitesurf or kiteboard equipment, rackets (2,) oars (2,) parachutes, pool cues, surf and windsurf equipment (max. 300 cm long.)
Only dogs and cats 
This service is available for domestic flights.  VivaColombia does not carry any kind of animals on international flights.  For animal lovers, VivaColombia created the pet transport service, by which we enable transportation of pet (dogs and cats) in the aircraft hold.  The pet must be in a crate made of fabric and the total weight of both the pet and the crate should not exceed 10 kg and dimensions should be no larger than 40x35x25 cm.  Buy this service in advance, since we only accept 2 pets per flight.  This service only applies to domestic flights.

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