CHILDREN (2-17 years old)
INFANTS (under 24 months of age)
1. Para ingresar a San Andrés debes comprar la Tarjeta Ocre al registrarte en nuestro counter antes de viajar.
2. También deberás mostrarle a las autoridades de la isla la reserva o dirección donde te vas a hospedar durante tu visita a la isla.
3. Todos los clientes de VivaColombia que no sean residentes de San Andrés deben comprar tiquete Redondo, es decir ida y regreso. Los residentes de la isla si podrán comprar tiquetes sencillos. (Decreto 2762 de 1991)
Upon entering the country, the immigration authorities shall verify that the passenger has:

A passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country (Each passenger shall be liable for checking all documents required by each country, depending on his/her nationality.)

A ticket out of Panamá.

$500 USD; otherwise, a credit card from which a withdrawal can be made.

Carnet that certifies the yellow fever vaccination.

We remind you that the immigration authorities of Panama shall verify that passengers meet the above requirements and that the information provided in the reservation is true and concurs with the required documentation. In the event of any inconsistency therein, entry into the country may be denied by the authorities. A passenger shall be liable for any consequences resulting from the information provided for this purpose.






VivaColombia is the first and only low-cost airline in Colombia and came to revolutionize the prices of air tickets.  From the start of our operations, on May 25, 2012, VivaColombia has achieved unparalleled records that have directly influenced the market growth and the national tourism activation.  During just two months of operations, we have carried more than 100 thousand passengers.


In VivaColombia, we want our customers to have more travel opportunities every day, whether to visit a family member or a friend, to get to know the sea, to close a business or to go on vacation. 




The idea of creating the first low-cost airline in Colombia began back in 2008 with the Group Fast, when the group of founding partners led by Juan Emilio Posada, current President of VivaColombia, came to the conclusion that Colombia needed a low-cost airline and that it was necessary to create one right away!  The project was taken to the Stanford University, where the research and development thereof took place.


Thus, in 2009 we started engines, and the searching for the best world-class partners who would bet on the dream of millions of Colombians who had never traveled by plane and those who want to do it more often began.





Bolívar Group: This Colombian financial entity is one of the strongest entities in our country, with a diversified portfolio of services, such as: Davivienda (the third largest bank in Colombia,) Seguros Bolívar (the third largest company in the country,) Constructora Bolívar, Ediciones Gama and Fiducafé, among others


Iamsa Group: With more than 24,000 employees, this Mexican company is a leader in ground transportation services.  It currently operates a modern fleet of 9,000 buses, carrying over 260 million passengers per year.  It operates in 24 states of Mexico, providing its services to more than an 83.4% of the population.  Its transportation conglomerate is formed by Flecha Amarilla Group and Toluca Group.


Irelandia Aviation: Declan Ryan, founder of this group that is the investment vehicle of the Ryan Family, is the president of the Board of Directors of our airline.  Irelandia Aviation is one of the leaders in the development of Low Cost Airlines.  At present, they are partners of 5 low-cost airlines in the world: Ryanair (the largest low-cost airline in Europe) was founded in Ireland in 1985, Tiger Airways, in Singapore in 2004, Allegiant Air, in the United States in 2005, VivaAerobus México, in 2006, and VivaColombia, in 2012.





We currently have a fleet of 6 A320 aircraft with the registration numbers: HK4818, HK4817, HK4811, HK4861, HK4905 and HK5051.  Our latest-generation aircraft can accommodate 180 passengers. 



VivaColombia by Fast Colombia S.A.S. e-mail: NIT 900313349-3.
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