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Where we fly

Domestic Routes

  • Medellin-Bogota-Medellin
  • Medellin-Cartagena-Medellin
  • Medellin-Monteria-Medellin
  • Medellin-San Andres-Medellin
  • Medellin Santa Marta-Medellin
  • Bogota-Bucaramanga-Bogota
  • Bogota-Cartagena-Bogota
  • Bogota-Monteria-Bogota
  • Bogota-Pereira-Bogota
  • Bogota-San Andres-Bogota
  • Bogota-Santa Marta-Bogota
  • Cartagena-Pereira-Cartagena
  • Cartagena-San Andres-Cartagena

International Routes

  • Bogota-Panama-Bogota
  • Bogota-Lima-Bogota
  • Medellin-Panama-Medellin
  • Medellin-Miami-Medellin
Our routes:

Connecting Flights

Connection shall mean a change from one flight to another by the passenger at a point other than the points of origin and destination indicated on the ticket to get to your destination. This can lead to a change of aircraft and flight number.

The Airline only recognizes as connecting flights, those flights under the same reservation code.

Only connecting flights with the Airline are valid. If the passenger has a connection with another airline, VC shall not be liable for this. Except with the Airlines where it has an agreement.

The Airline will seek to facilitate the connections of the Passenger and his luggage with the airlines with which he has agreements.

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