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Domestic flights


  1. Minors
  2. San Andres Tourism Card
  3. Documentation
  4. Times to Check-in/Drop baggage
  5. Musical Instruments/Sports Equipment
  6. Additional Services


  1. Minors under 12 years of age must travel accompanied by a person over 16 years. Traveling with an adult different than their parents or legal tutor, must submit a permission signed by at least one of the parents or legal tutor specifying the route(s) to be flown by the minor, the flight date and the responsible person. A copy of the ID of the adult signing the permission will be required.
  2. Minors over 12 years of age are allowed to travel alone. VivaColombia does not transport unaccompanied children or children as "recommended" Passenger. Minors over 12 traveling alone must submit a permission signed by at least one of the parents or legal tutor specifying the route(s) to be flown by the minor and the flight date. A copy of the ID of the adult signing the permission will be require
  3. Additionally, a copy of the child identification card or a copy of his/her civil registration (if applicable under the laws of the state of such adolescen'ts citizenship) or passport

VivaColombia welcomes and promotes any local rules and laws to prevent exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism of children, and the protection of human rights of children and adolescents.

Law 679 of 2001 and 1336 of 2009. 


Tourism Card:

Tourists traveling to San Andrés Island must purchase the tourist card at the service module of the boarding lounge the day of the flight.  The value is $104,692 Colombian pesos and must be paid in cash.  The above price may change without prior notice. All tourists must buy the tourist card, unless they stay less than 24 hours on the island or except for children under 7 years.



Adults (anyone older than 18 years old):  for a domestic flight, the citizenship identity card, alien I.D. card or passport must be submitted.  Foreign travelers may travel by submitting their citizenship identity card or passport.

Minors (2 through 17 years of age): the identity card must be submitted.  If they are under 7 years old, the birth certificate.

Infants (under 2 years of age): Adults traveling with infants must submit the birth certificate.

If you are traveling to Antioquia  (Dabeiba, Mutatá, Turbo y Yondó), Magdalena (Santa Marta) you have to present the carnet that certifies the yellow fever vaccination. Click to check more information



If you check-in online and bring your printed boarding pass, you must show up at the boarding lounge at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight.

Remember that the Check-in process at the counter of the airport is available from 120 up to 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight.

If you carry checked luggage, you should keep in mind that you must show up at the counter of the airport and the luggage will be received up to 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight, even if you have checked-in online.

Deadline to make changes to a reservation is from the purchase time up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight, and as long as you have not checked-in online.


Musical Instruments/Sports Equipment:

Musical Instrument on board: Instruments with a package not exceeding 55x45x25 cm and 12 kg may be carried in the upper compartments of the aircraft cabin by purchasing the Luggage On-Board Service.  Remember that these instruments must be carried in soft cases and with this service, you will get the priority boarding with group 1.

Sports Equipment: If you are traveling to win a sports competition, we offer you this service so that you will carry your sports equipment in the most convenient way.  This luggage shall go in the aircraft hold and not exceed 32 kg in weight nor 319 linear cm (corresponding to the total equipment length + width + height.)The sporting equipment may not exceed 32 kg in weight and 319 linear cm. Sporting equipment as checked luggage should be well protected in a hard case and the passenger must sign the limited liability receipt placed in the back of the bag tag, indicating that VC will not be liable for the state of the musical instrument in the aircraft hold, for being unconventional luggage.


Additional services

With this service, you can bring a piece of 12 kg and 55x45x25 cm in the aircraft cabin; in addition, you can have the following advantages:You will avoid checking-in your luggage and be able to go straight to the boarding lounge.

  • You will carry your luggage with you in the cabin.
  • You will have the right to also bring your personal item.
  • When arriving at your destination, you will not have to recover your luggage in the baggage recovery room.

This service allows you to bring a bag of 20 Kg and 158 linear cm, which correspond to the bag total length + width + height.  Luggage will be carried in the aircraft hold and must be checked at the counter of VivaColombia at the airport.

Fast line

If you purchased the checked luggage additional service or the check-in at the airport service and don’t like to get in line, we recommend that you buy this service.  You’re gonna save time and you’re gonna love it!

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