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Traveling with your pet

In VivaColombia, we like dogs and cats traveling with their masters.  Therefore, our pet transportation policy is as follows:

The pet must be in a crate of cloth that has a fastener so that the pet (dog or cat) cannot run away during the flight; and the pet (dog or cat) and the crate total weight should not exceed 10 kg nor should it measure more than 40x35x25 cm.  Crate must have enough space so that the pet will be able to stand up, move and rotate smoothly.  The pet must stay inside the crate during all stages of the flight and be located under the front seat.  

Keep in mind the following recommendations when purchasing the pet transportation additional service:

  • This service is available only for domestic flights.  On international flights, pet transportation is NOT allowed due to strict immigration regulations.
  • Pet transportation is not allowed in any other type of bag (handbag or any other type of element that fails to meet the specifications set out in the above paragraph.)
  • The pet must have a current vaccination card and be in optimum cleanliness and health conditions. 
  • The number of pets to be carried on each flight will be limited to six (6)  In any case, more than one (1) pet per passenger will not be allowed.

weight: 10 kg / measures: 40x35x25 cm
Web page and call center Counter Boarding gate
Domestic routes* COP 50,200 COP 70,200 n/a
San Andres  COP 49,500 COP 69,500 n/a
International routes** n/a n/a n/a
VivaColombia does not carry any kind of animals on international flights.
*Except flights to/from San Andres
** VivaColombia does not carry any kind of animals on international flights, except service animals (only dogs)  on flights to/from Miami

Service Animal (Dog)

For passengers who may need guide dog support or emotional support animals, VivaColombia will allow transport the animal  at no additional charge and will travel in the aircraft cabin with the passenger.

  • The animal must be duly certified as a guide dog, have a current vaccination card, and have a veterinary certificate confirming the animal's health condition.
  • The Passenger and his/her dog must show up at the counter at the airport for checking-in and submitting the animal documentation.  Once checked-in, the animal must have a muzzle and leash at all times.
  • Passengers who need this service will be assigned a seat in the front part of the aircraft, by the corridor.  They are usually the last to board and the first to get off the plane, so as not to block the passage way of other passengers.
  • The animal should sit by the passenger not obstructing other passengers' space.
  •  Guide dogs will travel for free and have no size or weight restrictions.

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